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AEM Sites

Adobe Experience Manager Sites provide the digital foundation you need to swiftly create, manage and deliver personalized, engaging content to every customer who visits your site.

AEM Assets

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is the enterprise DAM that lets you find, edit, manage and deliver assets in a single solution effectively.

AEM Forms

Adobe Experience Manager Forms is an enterprise form management platform. It provides easy-to-use interface to create, manage, publish and update digital forms.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is an industry-leading cloud-based digital signature solution to sign documents online.

Our Solutions

Offline Form

Offline Form Solution takes advantage of free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Usage right of PDF form have been released to allow user to fill and save the fillable PDF form via Acrobat Reader locally. The e-form will then be submitted to server side for further processing.

To protect sensitive data during submission, password or digital certificate encryption can be applied while downloading the e-form. Besides form data prefill and server side validation, RESTful API can be created to seamlessly integrate with enterprise backend systems and processes.

Save fillable PDF form via Acrobat Reader locally then only submitted to server for further processing.

Certificate encryption will be applied to protect data.

Online Form

Online Form Solution uses adaptive form feature of Adobe Experience Manager Forms. It allows business to create engaging and responsive online form. User can update the form and then author it directly. It reduces turnaround time to apply changes. Online form is rendered as HTML5 that is able to fit into variety of screens. It provides excellent form filling experience for both desktop and mobile device users. Since the form is rendered as HTML5, user can make new form request or continue form filling anytime.

Responsive form layout provides excellent form filling experiences in both desktop and mobile devices.

Barcoded Form

Barcoded Form Solution helps organization minimize data entry effort and increase accuracy. It retains current submission channels such as send via fax, email as attachment and submit in person. 2D Barcode will be added to the form, the data entered on the form will dynamically encode in the barcode, to allow user to print and sign the form afterward. The returned form will be scanned to decode the form data in XML format and pass on to backend system for further processing, for example, the extracted form data will feed into purchasing system to create a new purchasing request.

Helps organization minimize data entry effort.

Digital Signing

Digital Signing Solution facilitates form originator authentication, signing approvals and ensure data integrity between signing parties. Changes made in the signed PDF document will be tracked and prevented as necessary. Signing workflow for single or multiple signature can be configured according to business need.

Facilitates form originator authentication, signature approvals and to make sure data integrity between proven parties.

Printing Solution

Printing Solution helps organization manage correspondence document, statement and letter printing process. It support watched folder batch printing or adhoc web printing. It automates data preparation, document generation and dispatching output documents to various channels such as printer, email and external printing providers.

Automate data preparation, document generation and dispatching output documents to various channels.

Workflow Solution

Forms-based Workflow Solution helps organization streamline form application and approval business workflow with internal and external party. It comes with intensive user management and login authentication functions. Support SSO single sign-on and customized authentication mechanism. User can make new request, review submission status, make notes and upload supporting document. Approver can delegate tasks and consult peer advice during the workflow. Customization can be done to facilitate individual business need.

Tailor made to facilitate better user experience and requirement.

Elvis Digital Asset Management

Elvis Digital Asset Management helps organization to create, manage and enable creative works and collaborate more effectively. All asset and contents are stored in single repository, allow maximum control over the assets. It provides simple user interface and access control permission settings to find, organize and use the asset. The platform provides fast search, browse and filter intuitively with built-in Elasticsearch technology.

Create, manage and enable creatives to collaborate more effectively.

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